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UGA makes me feel like I'm on a team, I'm part of something. And even though there is a lot of rah-rah UGA that goes on on Basecamp, it's not empty - stuff is happening, people are booking jobs, creating their own work, doing their thing and it's exciting. And I also feel like U-Shin really "gets" me. The auditions I have are not at all generic, which has totally happened at other agencies and its demoralizing. U-Shin has a real sense of people and it builds that confidence not just in him but with the agency as a whole. The agency feels both thrillingly big and expansive yet also intimate and boutique-y.

Abby Royle

Law & Order


U-Shin has created a unique and strong sense of community and inclusion as in we are all in this together, not many talent agencies or management companies do that. He gets us to know each other. He holds town halls (especially during tough times like a strike or now, a contraction) to keep us in the loop, answers questions, keeps us in touch with each other in an app, keeps us moving the needle forward, encouraging us to balance life and our work. And on top of that all, he keeps us sharpening our skills teaching audition focused classes, while keeping it real, giving us honest answers and guiding us and giving feedback when it is important. Anytime I talk to another actor outside of UGA, they always say I wish I had an agent like that.

Eleni Yiovas

Organized Crime

The thing that makes UGA truly one of a kind is the community that U-Shin has built. No other agency has so much love and support between clients, it's unreal! We are always helping each other out, cheering each other on, and celebrating each others wins. This energy was created by U-Shin throughout the entire agency and it is truly the most special thing about being a part of this team. At UGA I am not just a name on a roster, I am part of a family.

Julia Tolchin

Life & Beth


UGA is a FAMILY. A RARE and SPECIAL kind of family filled with clients who root for and motivate each other. A family of GIVERS who can help fellow clients by being everything from self tape readers to technical experts. IMPECCABLE Agent/Client accessibility and communication.

Gus Scharr

Wu-Tang America Saga


This is the only agency I've been with but I've been with UGA for 6 years. There is a wonderful sense of community. Not just community, but community in the sense that we all work together to grow creatively with each other. I always feel like I can count on fellow clients to either tape with, coach with, or celebrate and/or commiserate with!

Kyle Jacob

FBI: Most Wanted
UNT. Marvel Project


UGA provides insight and information so that we are aware of the continually changing landscape of what’s happening in the industry. There is genuine concern for the well-being (professional and personal) of everyone in the agency. Connections with other clients are fostered, and, in many cases, run deep. We care for each other, support each other, celebrate each other. This does not happen by chance. All that U-Shin has brought to this agency over the years makes this strong community an inevitable outcome.

Bob Jaffe

Law & Order: SVU


This is the first agency I've been signed to where my reps check on me while on a job and wanted to hear how it went once the job was completed. Small acts of interest and kindness do a lot for a client. It's a community where agents and clients a like support each other through collaboration and assistance.

A.J. Franklin

Powerbook III
Luke Cage


U-Shin has an amazing ability to give you devoted one-on-one attention, and focus on your individual strengths- he’s consistent, up front, and expresses a lot of pride in his clients- he’s got your back, and always thinking of ways to support you!!!

Raye Spielberg

Merry Good Enough


Supportive vs. competitive. Everyone lifts everyone else up. True sense of teamwork. Transparency. There's more of a "family" culture that's warm and supportive and driven.

Blake Merriman

Pretty Little Liars


UGA puts the artist first! U-Shin and Chiara are such a supportive team who really put in the effort to understand my work in order to best pitch me to the industry. They stay in communication and step up to the plate for their clients. Not to mention they highly encourage being in touch with fellow UGA actors, going so far as to create channels of communication for us all to chat about what's happening in the industry, help each other with auditions, and support each other's wins!

Marissa Carpio

The Good Cop

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